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Myra and Mercedes go on the rob!

Jennifer Metcalfe plays Mercedes McQueen

Myra and Mercedes are on the hunt for new baby clothes, but they've no intention of spending money...

Mercedes feels rejected following her surprise for Joe – he didn’t answer her marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Joanne offers Joe legal advice about the garage and suggests they have a drink together. Joe accepts after getting an angry call from Mercedes and Myra, who are out ‘shopping’ armed with fake baby bumps to stash their loot. The owner of a high-end baby clothing shop looks down her nose at them but Mercedes eyes the alarm code and they later break in. Myra, Mercedes and Celine are raiding the shop when the alarms go off and Mercedes is trapped inside when the shutters come down.

Meanwhile, there’s crossed wires when Alfie and Jade’s families think they want alone time to have sex, which leads to them actually thinking about losing their virginity. The pair nervously arrange to have sex that night but, at the last minute, admit they’re not ready.

Also, Warren gets Freddie’s motor running but the colour drains from Freddie’s face when Dirk asks whether anyone has been trying to sell a stolen engine. Freddie wants to give the engine back until Warren reveals he’s found a buyer for the VW and they’re offering enough to save the garage!