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Nana McQueen returns to Hollyoaks!

Diane Langton plays Nana McQueen in Hollyoaks

Myra's down in the dumps about her love life - will Nana be just the tonic she needs?

Myra is stunned when Nana McQueen turns up on the doorstep. She confides in her mum that she’s worried about being a single parent again and decides to sign up to a dating app.

Meanwhile, Mac’s raging when he finds out Neeta’s suing him - but he’s even more furious when he discovers that James is helping her do it! Feeling no one is on his side, including Marnie, James finally stands up for himself and punches Mac – but Nathan sees and orders James to stay away from them.

As Sonia starts planning Jade’s funeral for tomorrow, Alfie tries to write a eulogy for Jade and eventually watches a video Jade has left him.

Lisa can’t bring herself to be sympathetic towards Sonia when Simone suggests she stay with them for the night. After an argument with her daughter, Simone reaches for the wine. Lisa’s hurt when she extends an olive branch to Sonia – but Simone says Sonia is their priority now.