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Nate chooses Ricky!

Kat is left stunned when Nate confesses that he wants to be Ricky and she immediately kicks him out. Nate arrives at Ricky’s and tells her that his relationship with Kat is over. As they embrace Kyle, who is far from impressed by the newfound relationship, interrupts them. Meanwhile, Kat drinks herself in oblivion, while Ash lends an ear listening to her problems.

Feeling shaken after her encounter with Trystan, Charlottes lies to Matt and says the blackmail is over. However, as the pair gets cosy, Hunter walks in and is disgusted to see his mum in bed with a classmate. Matt makes a hasty exit and Charlotte manages to persuade Hunter to keep her secret. The next day, the mother and son duo fall out again, when Hunter discovers his trust fund has gone.

Charlotte's problems go from bad to worse when Trystan demands to meet her again and says he wants her to help track down Brax, explaining he's alive. Knowing she is in over her head, Charlotte just may not know how much she is playing with fire, as Trystan is taking orders from Gunno.