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Nate Cooper treats Tori – before being attacked!

Nate Cooper in Home and Away

Nate Cooper is attacked by someone from Tori's past

Tori sees Nate at the gym with Spike and thinks she recognises him. She then gets jealous when she sees Nate flirting with nurse Gretchen. When Tori suffers an accident at work, Nate patches her up and she asks about Gretchen. Later, as Nate works the late shift, he’s approached by a masked surgeon who stabs him with a syringe…

It’s the day of the sentencing and Andy goes off to meet Beau and hand him a large sum of money. He’s noticeably absent from Josh’s trial, where he is sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter. Evelyn is distraught and Matt and Ash are left speechless.

Beau leads Josh outside, where Josh knocks him to the ground and jumps into a skidding car driven by Andy. Kat tries to chase them down, but it’s too late. The brothers make their way out of The Bay and set off a new life.

Evelyn gets a text from Josh, which causes her to break down in tears and she shows Matt - knowing that she’ll never see Josh again.