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Nate helps Chris and Lucy reunite

Chris is confused after his meeting with Lucy, having realised that he wants to be more than just a donor. When Lucy tells Lauren of how Nate raised the prospect of Lucy meeting someone, Lauren reckons it sounds unhelpful, and suggests that maybe Nate was projecting his own fears of parenthood. Given food for thought, Lucy seeks out Chris to apologise for not asking his opinion sooner and she agrees to the baby contract.

After poaching The Waterhole's hot barman, Lou approaches Sheila to apologise. But when he sees she's upped the ante with a new menu, all thoughts of reconciliation are out the window. Lou ropes Paige in to the hospitality battle, and soon they and Sheila set about doing their best to steal each other's customers.

Matt's excited as his and Lauren's house settlement dawns – until he realises he's no longer getting the overtime shift work he needs to meet his mortgage repayments. He rushes home to break the bad news, but it's too late. The sale has gone through. As his family celebrates, Matt's anxiety grows.