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Nathan tries to talk his way back into Rachel's heart

With Rachel ignoring Nathan's calls, he asks Diego to give him Spanish lessons so he can prove how committed he is to travelling around South America with her. Diego declines but, seeing pound signs, Myra offers her services as someone with a 'brain like a sponge' who has lived in Spain. What could possibly go wrong?

Having been suspended, Ben takes his frustration out on Sienna. Later, Trevor steps out of a taxi in the village and crosses paths with Ben – they square up to each other and Sienna's caught in the crossfire. Trevor goes to the flat and is devastated when he finds Grace and Esther in bed together. Sienna convinces Ben she can move on by packing away Patrick's belongings, and wants him to do the same with Carly. Ben tries to prove he can move on by buying Trevor a pint in The Dog to apologise. Later, however, when Trevor's alone outside The Loft, a hooded figure hits him with a cricket bat…

DS Thorpe is searching the hospital records and questions Lindsey about some missing potassium chloride from the stock sheet. Later, he gets a call from Freddie who tells him he wants to come home.

Also, Mrs St Claire offers to buy John Paul dinner and they enjoy a curry and some whiskey in her office.