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Neighbours spoilers: Killer Cassius Grady gets a visit from ex-girlfriend Piper Willis

Neighbours, Cassius Grady

Piper decides to visit her killer ex-boyfriend Cassius in hospital after discovering the medallion, which links him to the murder of Hamish

Piper Willis has avoided any further contact with Cassius Grady after the shock revelations her ex-boyfriend was the real killer of hated Hamish Roche.

But following the brief reappearance and then departure of her other ex-boyfriend Tyler Brennan, who was originally sent to prison for Hamish's murder, Piper decides to visit Cassius in hospital where he is still recovering after being beaten up in prison.

As Piper confronts Cassius over his crime and the way he deceived everybody in Erinsborough for months, can she finally close the chapter and walk away from Cassius for good?

Meanwhile, on Ramsay Street, Alice Wells moves into the Rebecchi house to look after Toadie and Sonya's kids, Nell and Hugo. But the couple remain unaware of their new nanny's connection to a hellwrecker from their recent past... What trouble does Alice have in store for unsuspecting Toadie and Sonya?

And things are rather awkward between Gary Canning and Amy Williams the morning after the night before, when Gary discovers his usual bedroom moves didn't exactly wow new girlfriend Amy between the sheets!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5