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Neighbours spoilers: Finn Kelly escapes and goes on the run!

Neighbours, Finn Kelly
8056 - Susan sees Finn Kelly for the first time since pushing him off the cliff (Image credit: Jackson Finter)

Karl's drastic actions cause a panic when patient Finn escapes from hospital and is on the loose! Is Karl's family in danger?

Nobody really believes Finn Kelly has retrograde amnesia after waking up from his coma. Everyone is certain the former high-school teacher is just faking memory loss to avoid being brought to justice for all his previous crimes.

Unfortunately, Dr Karl Kennedy's plan to confront Finn with the terrible truth about his 'missing' years backfires, when patient Finn gets into a terrible state and orders Karl to get out of his hospital room.

It's not long before Karl's in big trouble with Erinsborough Hospital boss Dr Clive Gibbons for his unprofessional behaviour. However, there are BIGGER problems in store when Karl and Clive discover Finn's bed is empty. Whether his amnesia is real or not, he's done a runner and is now on the loose...

Neighbours, Ned Willis, Paul Robinson

Will Ned loose his job after threatening boss Paul? (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, there's a showdown in Ramsay Street, with Ned Willis determined to expose Paul Robinson's connection to dodgy estate agent Mel Lohan who was on Paul's payroll and recently confessed to starting the fire at the local garage, which almost killed Ned's mechanic girlfriend Bea Nilsson.

But it looks like Ned's actions could cost him his job at Lassiters when Paul orders his girlfriend and hotel General Manager, Terese Willis, to sack Ned! What will Terese do?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Gary Canning arranges a surprise night out to the ballet for him and girlfriend Amy Williams. But disaster strikes when Amy gets caught up in her dad Paul's latest dramas and Gary is left to find a replacement date for the ballet... his mum, Sheila!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5