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Neighbours Spoilers: Karl and Susan Kennedy learn Rita Newland's secret

Will Karl and Susan go along with rich Rita's secret plan to replace hospital boss Clive?

Karl and Susan are both wary of Rita Newland, the bossy Brit who is secretly trying to replace Clive with Karl as the new COO of Erinsborough Hospital. But the couple can't help wonder how this could boost Karl's medical career.

Meanwhile, Patrick (aka Finn) appears to be in a wheelchair and continues to manipulate Bea into spending more time with her estranged sister Elly. But is this all part of Finn's plan for revenge on ex-lover Elly?

And Amy is feeling down-in-the-dumps following her son Jimmy's departure to New York. Amy's brother David and his fella Aaron think they have the perfect idea how to cheer-up Amy. But things don't quite go as planned!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5