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Neighbours spoilers: Sheila Canning turns legal eagle!

Will Toadie regret letting Sheila help with his legal practice?

Sheila loved being manager at The Waterhole, giving punters advice, chucking unruly customers out and trying to stay one step ahead of  "ol money bags" boss, Paul Robinson.

But now she no longer works there, Sheila feels she has lost her way in the world. There's only so long she can sit around admiring her hunky gardener Cassius! So Sheila decides to help out solicitor friend Toadie with one of his clients. But when Sheila serves up some tough-love to the client, Toadie is horrified! Will well-meaning Sheila scare Toadie's clients away?

Elsewhere, Mishti teams-up with Aaron to try and scam blackmailer Dihan into handing over the incriminating video. But will their plan work?

And when Paul returns home early from his business trip to New York, will he accidentally discover just what daughter Amy has been up to while he's been gone? Or will shoplifter Amy manage to cover her tracks?

Catch Neighbours from Monday 4th June at 1:15pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5