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Neighbours Spoilers: Will Steph Scully fight for custody of her son Charlie?

Steph strikes an unexpected deal that will allow her teenage son Charlie to stay in Ramsay Street

Steph is reeling from the revelation Phillippa has been cheating on Max, and is ready to go with legal-eagle Toadie's suggestion she use the information to help her get back custody of her son, Charlie.

But after a heart-to-heart with Toadie's wife Sonya, Steph begins to realise the effect an ugly court case could have on Charlie. So she makes an unexpected deal with Phillippa which will allow Charlie to temporarily stay with her in Ramsay Street.

Elsewhere, Yashvi is the target of racial harassment on the footie field. The teenager plays badly in her latest match and starts to lose her confidence because of rival Marisa's racial slurs. But what will Yashvi's mum Dipi do when she finds out her daughter is being bullied?

Also, Piper is not impressed when hot gardener Cassius visits the nursery and makes a nuisance of himself.

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.