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Niamh feels at the point of no return...

Niamh pushes Sarah to send her terminally ill son Harry for treatment abroad, but she goes too far causing Sarah to insist that Niamh stay away from her son. Niamh reports back to Ben who decides to just take Harry and asks for Niamh's help. Al warns Niamh that if Harry dies during the journey she'll be charged with manslaughter.

Ellen tells Daniel that she's putting her daughter, Kayley, into residential care and that the manager, Steven, is the only person who can discipline Kayley. But Karen shows Daniel some footage of Steven shouting at Kayley and he takes the camera to Ellen. But Ellen simply demands she wants the freedom to visit Kayley and Steven agrees. Everyone is happy with the arrangement apart from Daniel.

Heston awakes in hospital to learn that he's suffered an angina attack after his stressful day at work. Jimmi visits and pacifies Heston's concerns regarding Anthony but, during a partner's meeting Jimmi becomes wise to Anthony's slippery nature.