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Niamh is suspicous of an old friend

(Image credit: BBC)

Maria tells Niamh that before she became a nurse she was an escort and a man is threatening to tell her fiancé. When he doesn't back off, Maria knocks him over the head and runs back to the conference. Niamh insists on going to the see Harry who tells Niamh that he is a private investigator hired to find her after she killed a man.  Niamh is shocked but Maria explains she stabbed a man in self-defence. When Harry collapses and dies, Maria threatens to run again so Niamh calls the police.

Howard and Emma are on their way to the same conference as Niamh but run out of petrol. The pair trek across a field to get help, but Emma gets her foot stuck in a hole and the whole journey is fraught with problems, so much so that they find themselves late for the conference. All is not lost, though, as they decide to play hookie and enjoy a moment together eating fish and chips.

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