Nikki and Vix's engagement hangs in the balance

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd)

Although initially excited about her engagement to Vix, Nikki begins to have doubts about their relationship and whether everything is moving too fast.

Vix is thrilled to be telling all of their friends and colleagues about their impending marriage, but Nikki starts to get cold feet. She's worried about what daughter Eve will make of her mum's new relationship, and makes the decision to remove her engagement ring.

Later, she gives Vix a key to her flat, which Vix is thrilled about. However, there's more to Nikki's latest move than meets the eye, as it turns out the only reason she's handing over the key is so that Vix can go round to move all of her stuff out. Although upset, Nikki assures Vix that they're not going to break up.

Meanwhile, after Dynasty embarrasses Gabriella in front of Hector, she decides to take action. Out for revenge, Gabriella begins to sabotage Dynasty’s friendships and schoolwork.

Connor finally leaves for London, leaving Imogen and Christine upset. Christine attempts to fill the hole her son's absence has left...