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Has Olivia finally seen though Tabitha?

Olivia Fraser-Richards in Home and Away

When Chris catches Tabitha in a lie he immediately tells Olivia...

Tabitha continues to lie in order to get Olivia Fraser-Richards' attention. This time she claims her sister has been rushed into hospital for chemotherapy - but when Chris sees her on the beach when she should have been at the hospital, could her lies be coming an end?

Meanwhile, Tori refuses to give up the search for her brother but, with no food or water, will Tori put her health and the health of Nate and Duncan in danger? Meanwhile, an injured Brody is laying on ground close to Tori, Duncan and Nate but, unable to cry for help, will anyone see him?

When Matt and Roo discover an empty bottle of milk that neither of them remembers drinking, they are both left perplexed. In the middle of the night they are awoken by strange noises - do they have an intruder?