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Olivia reports her abuse to the police

Olivia Fraser Richards in Home and Away
(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Irene accompanies Olivia to the police station - but will she go through with giving her statement?

After Tabitha's vicious cyber-bulling campaign, Olivia is finding life difficult. She confides in Hunter that the memories of abuse she suffered at the hands of Kirk have come back to haunt her. Will Olivia be able to move on with her life - or will she cope by cutting herself again?

Sergeant McCarthy is stunned when he hears that Kat wants her old job back. Will McCarthy think it's a good idea or has Kat's relationship with Ash ruined her career forever?

When the Morgan brothers have lunch with Hope and Raffy, Brody finds out a key piece of information that could move his family one step closer to solving all their problems.

Also, Phoebe is overcome with jealousy when she sees Justin and Hope getting close…