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Paige hooks up with Tyler

Tyler gives up on Imogen when he realises she's into Daniel. Elsewhere, Paige is gutted to discover that Brennan and Naomi are on, and when Tyler tries it on she gives in.

After a run-in with one of Dimato's associates, Josh manages to get Amber out of harm's way. Later, Amber's surprised to learn how expensive Imogen and Daniel's wedding will be; she thought the day was meant to be about celebrating their love.

When Brennan suggests a double date with Chris and Nate, Naomi panics, until Toadie points out that Brennan's a good guy and more importantly unattached. With a new awareness, Naomi apologises.

Chris and Nate discover that Lucy's pregnant and sending them two tickets to the US to be there for her first scan. Nate admits to Chris he cannot enter the US after overstaying his visit the last time he was there. Chris tells Nate he will talk to Toadie about getting a visa. He's determined the two of them will be there for his baby.