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Paige is kidnapped!

Paige feels like Mark is controlling her when it comes to her newfound friendship with Michelle. Paige decides to meet Michelle at a secret industrial estate, but when she gets there, she is attacked and thrown into the boot of a car being driven to an unknown destination.

The banks and police are closing in on Paul after his bribery is exposed. Later, Shay reveals that she is the daughter of the owner of the Quill Group, sent in to prove Paul’s dodgy dealings and gloats when she sees Paul evicted from his penthouse. When Paul refuses to leave his home, Mark marches him out under police escort leaving him humiliated.

It's the day of Toadie’s big operation, but he’s still thinking about his argument with Belinda. Sonya tries to convince Belinda that Toadie didn’t tell the hospital, but she won’t listen. Steph advises Sonya to keep the pair apart; unaware Belinda has taken a job at Erinsborough hospital and is the nurse in charge of Toadie’s risky operation.