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Will Paige and Steph call a truce?

Maybe these two ladies can finally start to get along

As the storm continues to cause a menace in Ramsay Street, Paige and Steph are stuck in a lift together. However, Steph sees a different side to Paige and Paige realises she may have been harsh on Steph and her illness. Are these ladies about to come to an amicable truce?

Meanwhile, Amy's petrified that she's seriously hurt Nick and calls Leo and Mishti for help. While Nick receives treatment, Amy decides to rummage through his belongings - but will she find some incriminating evidence?

Also, Terese is horrified that Jasmine knows about her cancer. At first, Jasmine and her team are sympathetic to Terese - but they soon make it clear that keeping such a big secret has caused a crack in their relationship. Will there be professional consequences for Terese - and who will she turn to for support?