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Paul thanks Naomi with a kiss

Sonya shows Amy a drawing Amy sent Paul as a child, which Naomi has taken from Paul’s desk drawer. Realising Paul cares more than she thought, Amy visits Paul and tells him he can see Jimmy once a week, as long as he follows her rules. Later, Paul calls Naomi on interfering again but then admits he’s grateful as she’s the sole reason he has Jimmy and Amy in his life.

Paige and Brennan flirt up a storm when she invites him to her 21st birthday party. Later, Tyler comes to Harold's to collect Paige's money for Michelle and a jealous Jayden spies Paige handing over money to Tyler. He tells Paige he knows she has a secret and either she gets busy with him, or he’s telling the cops.

Nate is moaning about his love life when Susan's new wedding client, Coco Lee, visits. But after Coco shows them a photo of her fiancé, both Susan and Nate are shocked, recognising him as Alistair. Susan pulls out of the wedding, and a short while later Coco runs into Nate who convinces him to tell her the truth – her fiancé kissed him.

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