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Peri and Nico are trapped!

Ruby O'Donnell plays Peri Lomax in Hollyoaks

Peri and Nico are confined to the bunker when tragedy strikes...

Peri and Nico find themselves trapped in the bunker but Nico has the key in her pocket. Nico suggests Jade must have locked them in but Peri is suspicious of her and pulls at the door to escape. Nico panics when a wooden beam falls, knocks Peri unconscious and blocks their exit…

As Warren pushes Maxine for more information, she reveals that Patrick is buried in the wall. Sienna soon realises Warren knows more than he’s letting on and she’s floored when he tells her where her dad is. Meanwhile, Maxine tells Nancy and Darren that ‘Mike’ can help them, so they tell her who Mike really is. Sienna calls the police and Maxine watches with horror as they head for the wall… but the wall is empty. It turns out Nancy and Darren are driving into the woods with Patrick’s body, where they prepare to bury him again.

Also, Neeta finally gets the blue rinse out of Mac’s hair and they head to the salon where Adam, Jesse and Ellie are setting up a photo shoot. Marnie cancels the model and suggests that Neeta steps in, knowing Mac will seethe with jealousy.