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Peri gives birth!

When Peri receives the video of Cameron's confession, she's distraught and realises Tom's behind it. As Leela, Tegan and Ziggy receive the same message, Tegan's furious when she finds out Leela knew, and Cameron is with Celine when Porsche shows them the video. Cameron finds Peri at school but Ste punches him. Ste goes for more but Harry pulls him back, just as Leela arrives. At that moment, Peri goes in to labour with Leela and Cameron by her side….

Harry comforts Ste but Ste makes it clear that he doesn't want anything more to do with him. Meanwhile, Celine listens to a voicemail from Cameron saying he loves her. Tegan and Ziggy kiss, but Ziggy abruptly comes to his senses, heading out to find Leela. Tom and Nancy make it to the classroom just in time to see Peri have her baby. The emergency services arrive - but it's not just an ambulance, as Peri reveals she's called the police about Cameron. 

Looking for Ste, Sinead finds a message from Harry on his phone. Meanwhile, Celine turns up at the school with the ambulance and tells Cameron she loves him too, and he kisses her. Ziggy realises Leela loves Cameron more than him and leaves.

Later, Cameron surrenders himself in the schoolyard as the three heartbroken women - Leela, Celine and Peri - look on…