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Peri thinks Zack is making a play for her!

Peri bracelet hollyoaks

Peri's thrilled by what she finds... and thinks Zack fancies her!

Zack goes to the Lomaxes with a present for Leela – a bracelet with 'Sexy Momma' written on it – and they make up. Peri almost catches Leela and Zack, but instead finds the bracelet that Zack has given Leela. Peri gets her wires crossed and brags to Yasmine that Zack bought the bracelet for her!

Meanwhile, Ellie's mortified when the 'Pub of the Year' judge arrives just as beer sprays out of a keg, leaving Ellie drenched. The judge is impressed with the pub anyhow, but will Ellie still ruin her own chances?

Marnie's delighted that her pill-swap worked when she finds an exhausted, disheveled Mac on the sofa. She’s discussing the next phase of her plan with James when Tom confronts them. Have they been well and truly caught out?

Also, Nick flips at Yasmine when she offends him – will he find out who’s been trolling him?