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Pete kisses Moira!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Pete hasn’t been in a good place since he lost Debbie to Ross and has been on anti-depressants, but he put himself in an even worse place when he kissed his aunt, Moira - Cain’s wife. Cain has been blaming Moira for Debbie leaving and she’s been crying on Pete’s shoulder. Pete told Cain to treat Moira better, which led to another fight between Moira and Cain… And that led to Moira thanking Pete for his support, having a beer with him and giving him a peck on the cheek — which led Pete to give her a full-on kiss. His medication needs tweaking as he is clearly still suicidal.

Adam has discovered that it was Rakesh who tampered with the DNA results and he’s fighting mad. He’s thumped Rakesh and sworn to make him pay. Rakesh should be worried, too, as Adam’s capable of anything when he’s angry — even murder.

Nicola’s decided to get back everything Jimmy lost and he should be worried about how she’s going to do that. But Jimmy has his son Elliot on his mind…