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Pheobe runs Billie over in Home and Away!

Phoebe in Home and Away

Simmo takes Phoebe hostage with disastrous consequences

Before Phoebe’s date, Damien arrives and sees Justin, who politely orders Damien to back off. Damien does as he's told and Justin has dinner with Phoebe instead. Phoebe is on cloud nine after her date with Justin - but as she gets in her car, she's taken hostage by Simmo...

Elsewhere, Billie and VJ are struggling to make ends meet. Billie decides to make a romantic gesture, but her actions backfire when VJ explodes. Billie is mortified by his reaction and runs off. Then, as Simmo demands that Phoebe drives him out of town, the car ride ends in tragedy, as Phoebe runs Billie over…

Also, Ash and the police hatch a plan to catch Simmo, but things don't work out as planned and Simmo seeks revenge. Will Kat end up regretting her choice to re-join the force?