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Phoebe gets devastating news

Phoebe is rushed to hospital and is shocked to learn that she's pregnant with twins – but one of her twins has died. As she tries to process the news, doctors tell her that her remaining baby has a heart defect and is unlikely to last the whole pregnancy. As Phoebe considers the idea of abortion, she arrives home to tell Kyle and Ash, but decides not to when she sees that the pair have built her a cot.

Nate tracks Kat down and reassures her that sleeping with Ricky was just a one-off. He also tells her to get a grip on her self-destructive behaviour. Kat realises Nate is right and ends her night shift early. But on her way home, she spots Ricky and Nate looking very cosy, pushing her to the edge...

Also, Charlotte's determined to protect Hunter and decides to get rid of the safe from the diner. However, Denny spots her with the safe and demands that Charlotte goes to the police. When Charlotte refuses, a struggle breaks out, causing Denny to fall and hit her head. Charlotte checks for a pulse, but it's too late, she's killed Denny!