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Phoebe tells Ash she's keeping the baby

Kyle bombards Phoebe with questions about her pregnancy, but his questions turn into a full-blown argument. When Phoebe tells Kyle she will make the final decision on the fate of her baby, he threatens her with a lawyer. Kyle and Ash argue about Phoebe's pregnancy. The next morning, she tells Ash she's keeping the baby. Meanwhile, Kyle collapses.

Kyle's wounds are infected and a reluctant Nate treats him and tells Ricky he can't keep bending the rules for her and the Braxtons. Afterwards, Ricky gives Kyle a dressing down for his behaviour towards Phoebe.

Irene and co are organising the banquet and Irene is fed up of Chris paying too much attention to Hannah. The pair are busy setting Chris up on Smouldr date. Hannah also bags herself a date and the pair agree to act as wingmen for one another.

Chris and Hannah turn up to their Smouldr dates and enjoy some great chemistry before Chris's date arrives. Finally, Hannah's date turns up and the night ends in disaster, while Chris gets a milkshake thrown over him.