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Porsche just wants to party!

Porsche continues to drink her problems away. Lockie tries to persuade Porsche to have a quiet night in, but she tricks him and gets on a party bus.

Meanwhile, Mercedes and Lindsey row over Phoebe. John Paul breaks the news to Robbie and urges him to record a message for Phoebe, thinking it will help her regain consciousness. They play the message to Phoebe, but her condition deteriorates. Later, John Paul and Lockie console each other… and kiss!

Also, Sienna threatens Nico with going back into care if she doesn't say Dylan was responsible. Ben begins to question Nico, but she collapses. As she’s rushed back to hospital, Sienna is forced to admit the truth – that Nico tried to poison her.

Later, Ben asks Sienna on a date, but it seems like he already has someone special waiting for him at home...