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Pregnant Vanessa is pushed to the ground!

*Hour-long Episode*

At the factory, it’s the launch of Kirin and Belle’s new business selling cordial. All is going well until Kirin walks in on Jai taking drugs in his office. Jai then causes a scene and in the fracas, pregnant Vanessa ends up getting pushed over! Kirin’s concerned about his ex, and he’s right to be as she is in pain… Meanwhile, Adam confronts Victoria about her feelings towards Vanessa’s baby and finally realises how difficult the situation is for his new wife.

Pete tells James he’s planning to see a doctor about his depression and is surprised when his dad offers his support. Emma, meanwhile, confronts Debbie about access to Moses, making it clear she doesn’t want her anywhere near the baby. When James later approaches Debbie, will he make the already hostile situation even worse?

As Alicia tries to talk to David about the future, he snaps at her. Later, he opens up to Priya while Alicia turns to Lisa for support. Is this the end of the line for the couple?