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Priya blames addict Nell when Amba’s found with pills in her hand

Priya Kotecha, David Metcalfe, Amba Metcalfe, Nell

Priya lays into addict Nell when Amba is found with pills in her hand in Emmerdale!

At David’s shop there’s a party going on. It’s Amba’s birthday and her family are gathered to celebrate. Priya’s taken aback by Nell’s arrival. The young addict has got dressed up and looks just like Holly, Jai’s dead ex. As Priya eases up on Nell, battle lines are drawn once again when the mum finds pills in her toddler’s hand and blames Nell… Did Amba swallow any?

Matt, Carly’s ex, is still in the village and has landed a few shifts in the Woolie. He’s also caught the eye of a local lady. Who fancies him?

Jacob continues to be tormented by bullies Josh and Jamie, who plant dog poo in his school bag.