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Maybe, baby… Is Priya pregnant?

Priya faces her fears and takes a pregnancy test to find out if her passion with Pete has resulted in a baby…

As Priya is in the middle of doing a pregnancy test in the Woolie toilets, Leyla enters. Cringe! Will guilt-ridden Priya admit she slept with Leyla's bloke Pete and could be expecting his baby? Will the test prove positive?

The court case starts tomorrow and Rhona's nervous. Worried about how her manipulative rapist husband Pierce will present his defence, the vet turns to her devoted ex, Paddy, for support.

Megan and Charity are still at odds over Frank and all the argy bargy which has kicked off since Charity's fling with him was outed. During a confrontation, will Charity be able stop devastated furious Megan gunning for yet more revenge?

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