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Priya is forced to come clean after she faints

Priya Sharma

When Priya faints while she's talking to Leyla her friend realises her eating disorder has returned

*Second episode*

It all gets too much for Priya who faints as she’s telling Leyla the latest about the Mill development. Realising Priya’s eating disorder has returned, Leyla insists she get help as her friend opens up about her problems.

Desperate to get cash for Belle to be seen privately, close to home, Lisa asks Charity for her help to pull off a money-making plan. But the factory worker’s efforts are all in vain as Lisa learns it’s too late – Belle has already been moved to the mental health unit in Surrey.

With Tracy’s relationship with Frank in tatters, she asks Pollard if he’ll give her away if she and David make up and end up getting married.