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A proud Denise goes to sign on

EastEnders Denise Fox
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Denise is finally forced to put aside her pride to go to the job centre in EastEnders

Denise steels herself to go to the job centre, hoping to sign on. After a long wait, Denise is finally seen, but is told she can’t sign up for benefits until she’s filled in an application form. Forced to leave the centre empty handed, Denise returns home to her still bare cupboards.

Michelle has better luck than Denise on the job front when she is up for an interview. After the interview goes well, Michelle is offered a job. She shares the news with Sharon, but confesses it’s a little different from her usual teaching job....

Jane is frustrated when Ian finds it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle. But suggesting he join a slimming club doesn’t go down too well! Fed up with Jane’s nagging, Ian moans to Woody. When Woody is able to offer some wise words, Ian is given food for thought.

Also, things get even worse for Jack, and Carmel’s in trouble when the stallholders find out she’s had an interview with the council.