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Reenie calls Porsche a liar!

Reenie accuses Porsche of lying about being assaulted by Pete. Pete admits he did kiss Porsche, but that Porsche was a tease and he realises he was in the wrong. Reenie tells him to leave and gets drunk in The Dog with Frankie. Cleo calls Pete back and the McQueens side with him over Porsche, forcing Porsche to leave. Later, Pete gives Cleo an uncomfortable hug – have the McQueens let a monster in?

Meanwhile, Ste takes baby Hannah to work but John Paul sees he's struggling and offers to babysit. Sinead's furious and Scott has to stop her from revealing her secret crush - but Sinead tells Scott she has to tell Ste the truth!

Dylan angers Kim when he disconnects the webcam at Grace's flat, so she posts his medical records through Trevor's letter box, which reveal that he was wearing women's clothing when he was admitted following the hit and run. Before anyone finds them, Dylan reconnects the webcam.

Also, Simone spots Cameron pouring her stolen wine down the sink at The Hutch and Ste sacks him.