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Rhona and Pierce caught kissing?

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

So Rhona and Pierce reckon they’ve now got Marlon onside. But, unbeknown to the secret lovers, Vanessa sets the cat among the pigeons when she tells Marlon how Pierce recently broke into her house. Worried about Pierce, who is currently under the same roof as his young son Leo, Marlon heads over to talk to Rhona and Pierce, who are merrily snogging on the sofa after enjoying a romantic lunch together! Will he catch them at it?

Having snapped Belle and Dr Bailey together, Lachlan isn’t sure what he’s going to do with the incriminating photos. He’s furious that Belle lied to him and blew him out to be with her married man. When he bumps into her, Lachlan threatens to tell Dr Bailey’s wife about the affair. Can Belle stop him?

When Noah tells Robert that Liv has disappeared, Robert sets out to try to find her before Aaron cottons on that his little sister has gone. Later, Robert also works out who’s been bullying Liv when he finds Noah in the middle of sending her a nasty text.