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Ricky and Kyle kiss!

As Ricky gets ready for work, she spills a drink down her clothes, unaware that Kyle is paying attention while holding Casey. Later, Ricky bumps into Nate who asks her to rub suncream in his back. Unfortunately, Kat sees everything and begins to feel jealous.

Later, Nate gives Kat even more reason to be paranoid when he asks Ricky to dinner. Although Kat puts on a brave face, it's clear she's upset, so Nate decides to cancel. Ricky confides in Phoebe who makes it clear that having dinner with her ex, isn't the best thing for anybody. Still needing a shoulder to cry on, Ricky turns to Kyle and the pair share a kiss, which is seen by Nate.

Alf confronts Roo about her decision to stay with James, but her mind is made up. So Maddy pays James a visit and makes it clear his presence is not wanted. When Roo goes to the hospital she finds James packing to leave. Unable to change Roo's mind about James, Maddy decides to move back with Alf, leaving Roo devastated.