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Ricky and Nate’s marriage is over

Ricky Sharpe in Home and Away

Ricky and Nate agree to split up in Home and Away

After some careful thought Ricky and Nate decide not to attend their counseling session, aware that their marriage is over. Later, Nate leaves for work and confides to Tori about his relationships woes; meanwhile, Ricky stares at the card Brax sent for Casey’s birthday.

Nate realises that Ricky could never love him how she loved Brax. Later, Ricky is shocked when Brax turns up on the doorstep and reveals he’s now a free man. He explains Nate told him their marriage is over and wonders if they could give their relationship another go.

Kat is on edge after the announcement that the Charlotte King will be re-opened and confides in Ash - explaining that she’s given Josh an ultimatum-come clean or she’ll arrest him. After hearing this, Ash tells Andy that Josh is a murder.


With the thought of going to prison on his mind, Josh is acting distant towards Evelyn. So Evelyn plans a romantic meal to show Josh how much he means to her, but the meal is cut short when Josh admits he killed Charlotte.