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Rita puts Sally in her place

Pointing out that moping does her no favours, a stern Rita forces Sally to get dressed up and then drags her to the Rovers to show Tim what he's missing. Galvanised by Rita's pep talk, Sally approaches Tim to beg for his forgiveness. With their wedding day fast approaching she tries her best but Tim isn't ready to forgive and forget just yet.

Kylie, Sarah and Kylie play down Callum's disappearance to Gemma, and eager to get rid of her Kylie slips out of the house and texts her on Callums phone. Later, Sarah calls Kylie sick for using a dead man's phone and David promises to dispose of it.

After a few first date nerves, Roy and Cathy relax in each other's company at the Bistro and begin to enjoy themselves. After the date, Roy takes Cathy back to the cafe for coffee.

After an encounter in the Bistro, Tracy's rattled when Yasmeen vows not to rest until she gets justice for Kal.