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Rob is attacked!

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Rob goes fishing and starts talking to, Evan, who is struggling with the abusive memories of his father. Suddenly, Evan knocks Rob out and, when he comes to, he sees Evan has made his way out into the lake, with Rob's knife. He has cut his wrists. When an ambulance arrives and he is bandaged up, Rob tells Evan he can escape his past.

Meanwhile, Karen, trying to get into the attic, falls and twists her ankle. She goes to work, but everyone knows that she is suffering and that she and Rob aren't getting on.

When Rob returns home, he gets the house deeds from the attic, and he and Karen resolve the tension that has been palpable with regards to moving house. They do both want to move, though Rob tells Karen that 'she' is his home. Nothing else matters.