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Robbie's on the warpath!

There’s all manner of trouble in store for the Roscoes. Freddie has come back to the village, but Kim has set him up and Jason tells Freddie to run to save his neck. Freddie runs past the garage and sees what's happened to Joe. As Ziggy and the emergency services arrive, Freddie’s not sure whether to stick around and help or take Jason's advice…

Meanwhile, Robbie goes off the rails when he takes the stolen car to Trevor and starts smashing it up. Robbie tells Trevor to do his worst, but panics when Trevor ties him up and tries to put him in the boot of his car. As Joe, Jason, Ziggy – and Freddie – all arrive to save the day, the Roscoe brothers are reunited.

Lindsey begs Sinead to distract Grace while she scours her flat looking for vital evidence. Is this the start of an unlikely alliance?

Desperate Tom clutches at straws when he asks for legal advice to stop Peri going through with the abortion.

Also, Darren gives Joe his blessing to date Nancy.