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Robert and Carla get it on!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Carla tells Johnny she’ll keep his dirty little secret if in return, he leaves the factory and moves away. Immersing herself in a game of roulette, Carla’s surprised when Robert, still cut up over Tracy, enters the casino and joins her at the table. Having won a small fortune, Robert and Carla celebrate with a drink and Robert suggests they take the champagne to a bedroom.

Cathy suggests to Roy that as her New Year’s resolution, she’d like to clear the remaining rubbish out of her house. As Roy goes through Alan’s old paperwork he comes across Nessa’s love letter and reads it with dismay.

While Emily enthuses to Billy about her trip to Peru, Norris continues to make jibes. Knowing how much he cares for Emily, Rita advises Norris to put things right between them as he’ll regret it if he doesn’t.

Eva and Aidan emerge from the bedroom. But in an attempt not to appear too keen, Eva makes out to Kate that Aidan spent the night on the sofa. Aidan’s hurt and Eva worries she might have blown it.