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Robert discovers Michelle’s pregnant in Corrie

Robert Preston in Coronation Street

Robert's stunned when he realises that Michelle is pregnant in Coronation Street.

Having opened Michelle’s ipad, Amy’s shocked to find she’s been Googling abortion clinics. Leanne tries to comfort her while Robert’s stunned to realise Michelle’s pregnant. Leanne warns Michelle about Amy’s discovery and Michelle breaks down and reveals a shocking truth…

Kate remains unmoved when Caz tells her she’s nowhere to stay. Meanwhile, Eccles completely blanks Beth. Beth’s upset and Craig forms a plan to reunite them. Luring Kirk to No 5, Kirk lets himself in to find his surprise.

As Simon reads aloud to Ken at his bedside, Peter and Audrey arrive. Believing Peter to have caused Ken’s stroke, Simon snipes at him. When Simon then insists they do a crossword it’s too much for Ken, who loses his temper.

Faye’s clocks Seb eyeing up a customer’s purse in the cafe. When a rival kebab shop owner threatens to sue Dev for replicating his uniforms, Alya comes to his rescue.