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Ronnie and Jack give Andy the spare room

Andy expects to get it in the neck from Jack and Ronnie after they found him using one of the empty flats. Instead, Ronnie surprises Andy by offering him the spare room in their house. Later, after going through Andy's washing at the laundrette, Dot finds something disturbing and calls Ronnie to warn her...

Denise is exasperated when Carmel's family don't arrange something for her 50th so she takes it upon herself to book a surprise party for Carmel at Beales. When Denise and Masood have a chat about relationships, Denise is horrified as he leans in for a kiss, witnessed by Carmel!

Jay has a job interview but the promising start looks on shaky ground when the employer wants to phone Phil for a reference. Ben steps in and pretends to be Phil, but will it cause Jay more trouble?