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Roo is besotted with her toyboy

Will Roo be able to keep her romance a secret?

Roo and her secret young lover James are getting intimate when Morag knocks on the door. Roo hides James in her room, but Morag knows something isn't right and it doesn't take long before she finds James! Will Morag give her niece the thumbs up concerning her young lover?

Meanwhile, the Morgans get ready for Phoebe and Justin's engagement party. Things get off to a bad start, however, when Brody snaps at Raffy. The next morning, Justin scolds Brody for his behaviour towards Raffy and tells him drugs are not the answer to his problems. Justin tells his brother to re-assess and work hard to get Salt back on track. Later, Brody goes to the bathroom and pulls out a bag of cocaine. Will he be able to pour his drugs down the sink?

With Morag now defending John in court, Marilyn is confident he can avoid going to prison. John on the other hand, feels hopeless, despite Morag saying that he has a strong chance of walking away without serving any jail time. Will John believe Morag or plead guilty to avoid a long sentence?