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A concerned Roy begs Carla to stay on the street and move in with him

Carla in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Roy wants Carla to stay close to home, while we wonder what Carla is hiding...

As the Connors gather in the bistro, Carla is given a hero’s welcome and Jenny’s jealous. Roy arrives and reluctantly takes his seat next to Carla, but when he spots her mojito, he’s horrified and leaves but she catches up with him and explains it was just lemonade. As Johnny, Jenny, Aidan and Kate toast the future, Carla slips out in tears. Outside the bistro, Roy hugs Carla and begs her to move in with him.

Geraldine calls at the Rovers to question Peter about his phone call regarding Summer’s safety. Guilty Peter backtracks, revealing Billy’s in hospital and Todd’s taken Summer away. At the hospital Geraldine’s pleased when Adam offers to help her get Summer taken away from Todd and Billy.

As Steve and Tracy sit down to dinner in the bistro, Steve continually glances across at Michelle much to Tracy’s annoyance. Later, Steve finds out from Daniel that Michelle and Robert have serious money worries.

Over dinner, Brian tells Cathy how much he loves her and handing her a set of keys, asks her if she and Alex would like to move in with him at No.12. Will she say yes?