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Sandy challenges Laurel about Ashley

*First episode*

Sandy clocks the affectionate vibe between Ashley and Laurel and confronts his former daughter-in-law. But she refuses to be drawn on her feelings, and insists Sandy has got it all wrong. And it’s that defensive attitude that makes Sandy realise – he’s not wrong at all.

Having knocked out Jai, Sam is panicking – but trying to hide it. Megan, however, knows something is up. As Sam tries to cover his tracks, he turns off Jai’s mobile phone, which is registering a bunch of missed calls from Priya and Rishi. In a field, making sure he’s not being watched, Sam enters a container in which he’s stashed Jai, who’s alive – but bound, gagged and utterly furious!

Refusing to release Jai, Sam tells him Megan has left town. As Sam tries to stay strong in the face of Jai’s rage, Jai warns him he’ll live to regret what he’s done.

Elsewhere, Debbie decides to try to force Ross and her daughter Sarah to bond. Leaving Ross at home alone with the kids, a baking session begins. But Sarah has no intention of becoming friends with her mum’s new bloke, and, after persuading Ross to go out to get icing, she sabotages the cakes…