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Sarah learns that Kylie is dead in Corrie

Sarah Platt in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Will Sarah be able to cope with the tragic news in Coronation Street?

Gail’s worried as a heart broken David stares at Kylie’s empty chair across the breakfast table. Later, David and Bethany visit Sarah in hospital and break the news to her of Kylie’s death. Sarah becomes jittery, convinced Callum is in some way connected to it. David visits Kylie in the Chapel of Rest and tells her how much he misses her.

Simon confides in Amy that Leanne’s behaving strangely and he’s worried she might have cancer. While Leanne’s distracted, Simon checks her phone and when he sees a text confirming a doctor’s appointment he shows it to Amy.

Sally’s delighted when she receives some parcels from Rosie in London including a lovely throw. Yasmeen calls at No.4 and showing Sally a delivery card from the Post Office, asks her if she’s taken delivery of her new throw. Sally denies all knowledge and the two women bicker. Dragging Sally back inside, Tim tells Yasmeen and Sharif they’ll see them later for drinks.

Jenny meets up with Johnny for an after hours sewing lesson and they’re soon kiss passionately.