Sean has shocking news for Hannah

Andy demands to know why Hannah never told him about Sean. She leads him downstairs, leaving Sean in the bedroom hiding behind the door. Hannah realises she’s made a mistake and tells Sean that sleeping together was a one off. When she gets home, she sees an ‘I Love you’ card from Andy. Later, Sean tells Hannah he’s married and she's disgusted and says it's over. She tells Denny everything, but unfortunately, Evelyn overhears the conversation.

Matt, Oscar and Maddy bump into Alf, who tells Maddy that Roo wants him to pick up an engagement present for Leah and Zac, and Matt’s hurt that no one told him the happy news. Later, Oscar tries to put the moves on Maddy again, but she is clearly uncomfortable with PDA. Later, the teens are at Josh’s house and the twins come to blows when Oscar has too much to drink…

Denny tells Andy that maybe he needs to add some excitement into their relationship, giving him a romantic idea.


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