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Sharif feels the wrath of Sally!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Sharif’s shocked when an Environmental Health officer calls at No 6 and demands to inspect the chicken coop. Realising Sally was behind the visit, Yasmeen vows revenge.

Michelle complains to Liz that while Steve’s living it up in Spain she’s left running three businesses. Dressed up to the nines, Michelle sets off with Will for a tasting session – leaving Liz deeply concerned.

Sarah confides in Bethany that she thinks it’s too early to take Harry home. Later, Ken calls in to see the baby, but when Audrey suggests he might like a hold, Sarah becomes overprotective.

Izzy promises Anna she won’t take any more cannabis. But after a trip to the doctor’s Izzy’s disheartened, explaining to Gary that they refused to prescribe her the spray she needs. Meanwhile, Kate tries on her wedding dress and it’s evident Sophie’s smitten although Kate remains oblivious.