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Is Sheila losing her memory?

Sheila needs to face the truth

When Clive innocently asks Sheila about her school results she becomes defensive. Clive asks Gary if anything is wrong but he decides not mention his suspicions that his mum could have dementia. However, after a special performance at The Waterhole, Sheila is forced to face the fact that she's struggling to remember things….

Meanwhile, Karl is about to confess to Clive that Holly stole some medical files when Clive offers him a job as a researcher. Karl takes the job and decides to say nothing. While Holly and Karl are on cloud nine about how things have turned out, Susan reminds them both that will have to face the consequences of Holly's actions at some point. Hearing Susan's words, Holly is determined to put everything right - but will her good intentions lead to more trouble?

Also, Toadie is working hard on a contract for Rita Newland in the hope he can keep her as an ongoing client. However, his professional relationship with Rita is on the line, when a prank he plays on Dipi and Shane backfires spectacularly.